samsexsex, 40 in Scarborough, Yorkshire

samsexsex, 40 years old
I am looking for casual, non exclusive relationships. I am a confident, happy, well-adjusted 40 year old who doesn\’t look her age. I have blonde hair, big tits and I am very comfortable in my own skin.I am not looking for older men, I like guys younger than me (not under 22), or near my own age. No exceptions – god loves a trier I know, but everyone has a type. If you\’re an older guy who ignores this and contacts me anyway, don\’t be surprised to get the brush off. I also prefer skinny/a little muscle – too many pies is not my thing.I love having sex (it\’s true what they say about hitting 40!), and I am willing to try (or have tried) most things.

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