42dLouLou, 44 in Eton, Berkshire

42dLouLou, 44 years old
I’m 44 with 42d boobs. I’m sexy, sweet, spontaneous, sensual and fun to be around! I am just looking for a FB to play with when then need is there to have some uncomplicated fun! If you like the look of me and want to chat some more get in touch, will reply to all!

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colly786, 23 in Reading, Berkshire

colly786, 23 years old
Im orginally from Liverpool, currently on a post-grad course setting my career up in the jewellery and silversmithing industry.
Im just a normal girl, I like going out as much as staying in. What you meet someone who I can have a laugh and bit of banter with as well normal intellectual conversations.

Got any questions message me…

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lazydaygirl, 41 in Reading, Berkshire

lazydaygirl, 41 years old
Dont be fooled by a number! i dont look or act my age! fun loving and totally besotted with my 3 girls! can be hot-headed but pretty laid back most of the time! Im not beautiful or gorgeous. I havent got an amazing figure or a flat stomach. Im far from being considered model material but Im me. I eat junk food and love to wear my PJs and no make-up around the house. Im random and crazy. And I dont pretend to be someone Im not. i drive it like i stole it and think a car is made to be pushed to the limit! i have a few tattoos but they are nice ones!

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readymel_33, 33 in Woodley, Berkshire

readymel_33, 33 years old
hi, I am looking for some discreet encounters with experienced and sexy men. i am married, and need to be discreet, although I have thought about having my husband watch as a guy makes me feel like he has not been able t!….is that wierd?? Don’t think that is gonna happen though so it will be just 121 and I’ll keep it a fantasy lol Feel free to message me, im ready and waiting!

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rockchickxxx, 49 in Crowthorne, Berkshire

rockchickxxx, 49 years old
I am no spring chicken, on the larger side, but still considered fun sexy by some.I like the odd night out down the pub, fizzy white wine please 🙂 I prefer non smokers, don’t do drugs. Love all kinds of music. Especially dance music, Reggae, Rock, 80’s my clubbing days 🙂 Motown, ska, if you can dance to it I like it… I’m a bit of a goth rock chick… Chill on the sofa with a good film. Weekends away,What am I looking for ? Nothing too serious/ heavy, fun times no drama!

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blondeandblue, 41 in Slough, Berkshire

blondeandblue, 41 years old
I’m a frustrated woman looking for a guy who can show me a good time without any ties or complications. my stats are 5’4, 34dd, blonde, blue eyes. I get chatted up a lot so I guess I must have appeal! Don’t want to play too close to home for obvious reasons, lets keep this discrete and safe for both of us!

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xtraxtra_73, 42 in Reading, Berkshire

xtraxtra_73, 42 years old
ok a bit about me, im a happily married women I’m just looking for a bit of fun on my own (is that so bad?) I do love him but the physical side of things is just boring now so i want to get my satisfaction without any repercussions for my marriage if you know what I mean! I don’t know what type of guy I’m looking for, i guess if you stimulate me mentally then you got me as I love a bit of dirty talk! oh and sorry for pic quality, had to take them in a hurry! lol

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scorpioliz, 54 in Ascot, Berkshire

scorpioliz, 54 years old
I am a mature curvy Scorpio woman that believes in old fashion values and behaviours. Real things in life, those that really counts, are for free, like holding hands and being affectionate. Really like having both deep and silly conversations with lots of laughter. You need to be somewhat patient with me. Love sex, its just I do not enjoy talking sex all the time. I think that sex should be experienced, not talked about.!Big warm hug from Liz

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