littlebitch24, 24 in Low Fell, Tyne and Wear

littlebitch24, 24 years old
So here we go! I am not interested in skinny or fat guys as I don\’t find it attractive. Also not attracted to younger men and I am 24. Same thing for older (don\’t want to say old) but if you are 51 I would not reply. I would set up category 25-40? Is that fair enough? And 40 should be very good condition 😉 I think I am saving my and your time as well by saying this. This maybe makes me look like complete b*** but it\’s just to save your time so as mine . I am very nice very active young woman I know exactly what I want and what I like and I am not scared to express myself (obviously witch charisma and charm as a lady) x I am quite picky I guess it\’s cause I am little bit perfectionist and enjoying high standards x

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