sexAllDay, 39 in Queensferry, Flintshire

sexAllDay, 39 years old
Please think before you message me if your face pics are not included in your profiles… excuses about professional discretion, marital discretion etc do not wash with me. (not interested in married men whatsoever!!). I have face pics up, so only fair you make available your own (I wont be giving out my email or other details either for you to send them to me on, it is easy to download them on here)… would you chat blindly to a person with a paper bag on their faces and their privates exposed in real life??????~~~~~~~~~~~A penis is a penis is a penis on pics ~~~~~~~~~Guys who are getting in touch with me with just pics of their privates are not going to get a response from me. I am not going to be chatting to an unknown penis, I prefer to chat to guys who have face pics up as you would not go and whip your privates out in real life if you met a woman would you???? So jog on….~~~~~~~~~~Mirror selfies~~~~~~~~~~~well as you can gather I am a bit of a selfie supporter, but, boys, do make sure the mirrors you are looking into when taking selfies of your reflection are clean… it is quite unappealing to see an image with dirty marks all over the mirror , obliterates the view a bit… hahha…

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