jul1972, 42 in Kirkcaldy, Fife

jul1972, 42 years old
I am married although not happy in my relationship but not in the position to do anything about it at this precise moment so I need a lover/friend to enjoy some good times with discreetly. I\’m attractive, clean, smart, dress nicely, and enjoy all the usual things – a drink, cinema, restaurants, nothing too fancy – Just having a good time! No idea how I\’d rate myself in bed 😉 I\’m sure I\’m anywhere from good to very good! Hope so at least! Ideally would be to find a man who is also in a semi-unhappy marriage as I think we could be so good for each-other.I think I could also get along with someone older than me/widowed/maybe a little lonely? Hope to hear from you soon x

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