down2earth_46, 46 in Wickwar, Gloucestershire

down2earth_46, 46 years old
Difficult to know how to sum yourself up and what to put in a box like this, so I\’ll say just this. I\’m basically an average person with a very real search, I\’m 101 per cent straight, married, and hopefully a good type of person to be around! I\’m seeking a down-to-earth guy, perhaps a similar age, who\’s perhaps also married, not single, who is also genuinely missing stuff in his own life. I can\’t respond to empty profiles i.e. no picture, no info, or \”winks and favourites\”, or unpleasant, crude messages. I hope that sound fair enough.I\’m probably about the most average person here, but I do believe I\’ve a hell of a lot to share with somebody. I\’m a quieter type, and give thought to things, so if you want an over the top type of person, I\’m not for you. Anyway, that\’s my search. I\’ve summed it up pretty well I hope, so I feel there\’s no need to say more at this point except if your search corresponds, and you\’re an open and friendly type who can talk frankly about situations and life etc. please give me a shout! Cheers for looking at my few lines, good luck to you.

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