tiemeupxx, 42 in Flint, Flintshire

tiemeupxx, 42 years old
I love the idea of getting banged right here on my sofa. I’m newly divorced and looking to enjoy sex again. Age isn’t important to me although I love the idea of shagging with a much younger man (20-30) but someone more my age or older would be great too! I have no problems in hearing from a married man as long as we both know where we stand as I respect privacy totally. Oh and my biggest fantasy is getting tied up, toyed and shagged! Fancy a bit of that?? x

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normal_me, 48 in Bagallit, Flintshire

normal_me, 48 years old
I am a normal woman..just more sensual..In my marriage the physical attraction has expired and the sex with my husband does not stimulate me any more.. .Now I am looking to find the spark again and bring the balance in my life back…. Just I want to spend some time with one very special man,a regular lover who stimulates me mentally as well as physically….

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sexAllDay, 39 in Queensferry, Flintshire

sexAllDay, 39 years old
Please think before you message me if your face pics are not included in your profiles… excuses about professional discretion, marital discretion etc do not wash with me. (not interested in married men whatsoever!!). I have face pics up, so only fair you make available your own (I wont be giving out my email or other details either for you to send them to me on, it is easy to download them on here)… would you chat blindly to a person with a paper bag on their faces and their privates exposed in real life??????~~~~~~~~~~~A penis is a penis is a penis on pics ~~~~~~~~~Guys who are getting in touch with me with just pics of their privates are not going to get a response from me. I am not going to be chatting to an unknown penis, I prefer to chat to guys who have face pics up as you would not go and whip your privates out in real life if you met a woman would you???? So jog on….~~~~~~~~~~Mirror selfies~~~~~~~~~~~well as you can gather I am a bit of a selfie supporter, but, boys, do make sure the mirrors you are looking into when taking selfies of your reflection are clean… it is quite unappealing to see an image with dirty marks all over the mirror , obliterates the view a bit… hahha…

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wildchild41, 41 in Mold, Flintshire

wildchild41, 41 years old
Frustrated divorced former wild-child (meaning when I was young I had A LOT of sex with A LOT of men, but for the last half decade I’ve been faithful to my (now ex) hubby. Now I want lots of sexy fun again – I’m up for most things & can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do! I\’ve kept myself in shape and would love to find a man who can match my high sex drive and is up for it as much as I am. That said I\’m not looking for an emotional relationship just a physical one!

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hornysuzz, 38 in Flint, Flintshire

hornysuzz, 38 years old
Looking for a very naughty horny guy to bend me over his bonnet while others might see and fuck me hard……my forte is cock sucking…….dont say i didnt warn you. !!! Able to express myself on here hopefully, although im very fussy, quality over quantity all day long, not a fan of body hair, also looking to fuck a lady with big bouncy tits with a strap on from behind…….possibilities are endless…..love sex, love the risk factor, love 2+, love women too.

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bigfunbags , 25 in Hawarden, Flintshire

bigfunbags , 25 years old
Hello all I a pretty 25 year old bi girl, im 5 9 tall good figure and im good fun . im seeking a total bi guy for no strings fun with me and sometime my cute mate who bi (24) for long wild session. You must be clean and discreet and can accom in central london or travel please send a pic ,you must be easy going and up for good
fun,only mails with pic will be answered guys so no time wasters or blind dates its only fair as I posted my pics.

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