brainwantedx, 28 in Westhoughton, Manchester

brainwantedx, 28 years old
Don’t care how big your dick is and what you would like to do to me blar blar blar. Only people with a brain need apply! Had to update as messages driving me nuts! I’m not a girlie girl and I don’t wear dresses and hi heels ( apart from in the bedroom). So please don’t ask me to wear dresses and heels if you wanna meet for dinner or a drink, as I will always turn up in jeans and probably ask for a Big Mac and chips …….that’s just me! I’m a simple girlie X

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Fillagap, 50 in Westhoughton, Manchester

Fillagap, 50 years old
I\’ve been single for a couple of years now and I miss the intimacy and pleasure of regular sex. Maybe I\’m not on the right website? – but I\’d love to meet someone who also fills a gap in their life for great company and laughs and an emotional connection and awesome sensual sex, not necessarily for a traditional relationship but definitely on a meaningful one-to-one basis.I\’m an attractive slim (but large-breasted) green-eyed blonde, 5\’5\” with no heels on. I have a high sex drive and the most erogenous nipples in the world! I have a preference for the alpha male who\’s in control in the bedroom but who understands it isn\’t all about fast and furious, and whose smile and mind I can also admire.

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hotNsoHornybabe, 26 in Westhoughton, Manchester

hotNsoHornybabe, 26 years old
What am I doing here? I ask myself the same but hey, I ve always browsed the guys profiles and today I guess curiosity got the better of me! Do these ad s actually work? Well what s the harm in posting one and finding out!

I guess a little about me would be appropriate I’m 26, well spoken, Attitude wise I m pretty open minded and adventurous, I wont write a life story, if you re interested in finding out more, just ask!

I m just looking to meet a few new people right now and see what happens! Dont really have a type, someone fairly laid back and easy going – a guy I can talk and laugh with usually fits the bill.

So there it is, let see if this works!


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