alicat27 from BURNLEY, Lancashire

alicat27, 57 years old
I’m fit (in the old fashioned sense of the word), intelligent and happy in my own body. I would describe myself as ‘slim with curves’ if that was an option. I exercise regularly and would hope that you do too. Gentlemen, if you’re looking for a conventionally pretty woman, press next….. actually, if you’re looking for anyone conventional you should just move along. I quite cheerfully view myself as abnormal – not in the sense of being broken, just in the sense of being statistically uncommon. Yes, this is a sex site and yes, I would intend that sex should be a major part of any relationship. Major, but not the only part. I’m looking for someone to spend time with – walking, theatre, eating, drinking, chatting – you know, the sort of thing that people who enjoy each other’s company do. Not the least because I have a responsive sexual desire and need to spend time together to get the best from the sex. Quote from one of my favourite blogs – Start with mood and mind and trust and affection. Move from there to kisses, and from there to caresses, and from there to fondling. Like ovens and baking, women need to be pre-heated. If you should receive a ‘wink’ from me.. . . it wasn’t me that sent it but some gremlin in the Adult FriendFinder computer. I send emails when I contact people. Likewise, if you wish to contact me please send an message. I have a penchant for accurate punctuation; it makes your message much easier to understand and me feel much more positive. My Ideal Person: I won’t be impressed by your car, your height or pictures of your penis- unless the first is a Morris Minor.It’s your mind, your take on life and your joy in the pleasure your body can have and give that I’m interested in. I’m not opposed to friends-with-benefits arrangements, but that means friends with benefits please. You should message me if you are reasonably intelligent and have more to say than “lets have sex” or any variation thereof. While I may appreciate your willingness to be up front, the likelihood of me wanting to hook up with you would be dramatically increased by a demonstration of your ability to have a conversation beyond “you sexy, we make fucky fucky.”I’m looking for someone who likes to give and receive pleasure, who’s interested in trying new things and able to laugh if those things just don’t work.I definitely prefer one other person in the bed (or wherever . . .) and he must be male and like kissing and cuddling as well as sex. I am attracted to men on the slimmer side of average and while big-all-over is fine I can not find a gut attractive.Deal breakers for me are smoking, you being attached in anyway and people who use ‘u’ and ‘i’ instead of ‘you’ and ‘I’. If you’re under 45 I’m unlikely to be interested.I am only interested in men who are local to me; within 30 minutes drive. It is important to me that you have a home that you’re happy to invite me into and a bed that you’d like me to spend the night in. I have both and am willing to share them.I own two cats

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