frustratedbbbw from COLCHESTER, Essex

frustratedbbbw, 57 years old
I’ve finally plucked up the courage to expose myself this way and have discovered that many of you are not as revolted as I thought you would be but rather have taken a little pleasure in seeing my photos.By the way the third B stands for blonde – in case you thought my keyboard had stuck! I like the idea of outdoor sex but I’m not talking about dogging. Though I love doggie style.My boobs (my puppies) are one of my best assets. They like to be played with but I’m tired of wearing out clothes peg springs on them and need someone to take them in hand (or mouth or whatever)on a firm and regular basis. If you enjoy tit fucking you can lost in there nearly as deeply and then see your cum all over my nipples.I enjoy hearing if my photos have had an effect on you and like to know what you want to do to me – but please try to be a bit more original than the classic one liners! speak soon! xxx

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