Rainbow_Pixie from SWANSEA, Swansea

Rainbow_Pixie, 29 years old
Greetings, Well firstly im new here so go gentle with please ok not too gentle! well im early twenties and predominantly here to further my sexuality and by that i mean to be taken out of my comfort zone and to explore some of the darker urges that we as humans desire.I am extremely open minded and really like to think of myself as unshockable though you out there may prove me wrong but again im sure that it will be fun finding out. Im bisexual and open to most things and would rather try it and say no thanks than never try something and regret it. I value friendship and trust and I have to insist on discretion and privacy they are paramount and of course cleanliness, I wont tell you all my dark dirty little secrets thats for you to try and prise them out of me.I hope that you enjoy reading this and that you write to me and will be coming back often to update it.

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