sandydee, 29 in PENZANCE, Cornwall

sandydee, 29 years old
about me: I\’m single by choice, mainly as I enjoy the sexual freedom that being single gives me. Let\’s face it, boys seem to fuck about so why cant us girls? If I\’m honest, I have an insatiable appetite for sex and my previous boyfriends have found it hard to meet my demands! So you might wonder why I\’m on this site…. I have no problems picking up guys in bars or clubs but I\’m fed up with drunken shags that don\’t really get me off. Also its hard to get what you want out of a guy that you\’ve just met on a night out….. they don\’t know how to respond when I tell them I love double penetration or fucking guys with strap-ons (amongst other things)! So this is why I\’m on this site…. I can set an agenda with my sexual expectations!

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