mindandsoul, 56 in WEYBRIDGE, Surrey

mindandsoul, 56 years old
Hello! I enjoy communicating and making new friends (sometimes too much) and want someone to converse with in person … and perhaps a bit more. I have a fair bit of experience; but I also see that there\’s so much more to do. Life is an adventure. I have spent a long time alone in the wilderness. I do like to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy everything around me, especially cultural activity; but that is so much the better in company. That we a both members of an Adult site indicates that we both have positive and healthy interest in sexual matters, but that is not the focus of my search… the greatest sex organ is the brain and even more important the mind. Enthral my mind and my body follows! I would like to meet an outgoing man who will shake my world up a little and who can teach me a few things.I expect the one for me will be around my own age – give or take a few years as I have no interest in being a nanny or tutor to kids of another generation!

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