How to have sex with a friend with no strings attached!

A “Friends with Benefits” (FWB) relationship is meant to be temporary, which is why plenty of people have them. If you’re relocating soon, just ended a serious relationship or are very focused on your career, it can be ideal till you’re ready for the real thing. “Most people do this because they want to have sex, but aren’t interested in, or not in a position to, have a more committed relationship,” explains Charlie Glickman, Ph.D., education program manager at the erotic emporium Good Vibrations. “When you’re not dating anyone, sex with a good friend can be a great way to let off steam and have fun.” But here’s the caveat: Don’t start a FWB relationship with someone you secretly want to date. “When women settle for a FWB rather than create the long-term relationship they really want, it’s ultimately unsatisfying,” Glickman says.