makeuhappy, 46 in Pudsey, Yorkshire

makeuhappy, 46 years old
I need a man who\’ll be like a very special secret boyfriend/lover to me. I am married, with 2 children and although not happy in my relationship, am not in the position to do anything about it at this precise moment. But I need someone to enjoy good times with and good sex times too! I\’m attractive, clean, smart, dress nicely and enjoy all the usual things. No idea how I\’d rate myself in bed 😉 I\’m sure I\’m anywhere from good to very good. Hope so at least! Ideally I would find a man who is in a semi-unhappy marriage himself, I think we could be so good for each other. I can be as secretive as you\’d ever need me to be, but be loyal and caring when you/we need to talk things through so get in touch if all that makes sense!

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