suebubbles, 41 in Bottesford, Lincolnshire

suebubbles, 41 years old
Hi there I\’m a bubbly and voluptous blonde looking for someone to share some naughty and fun times together. Please dont bother just sending me a wink or a message that has had no thought put in it whatsoever it will just get deleted. Also forget the cock photos guys cock pics are great and all that and hopefully will get to see them in person however on a first message its a bit much! I am intelligent and confident and a few things that I am looking for someone who can make me laugh and is on the same wavelength so to speak. I am a natural red head and very curvy and am very confident in my body I love a man to be the same with himself. Just want to meet someone who wants the same as me really nothing majorly serious but on the same hand not a quick fuck also xxxxx

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