1066saltanpepper1066, 57 in Maidstone, Kent

1066saltanpepper1066, 57 years old
Hi Im not sure why i desided to join this site. I consider myself to be rich, not with wealth but with life.
Im happy with what i have now!!!!!
I am not as young as i would lke to be, but then I wouldnt have had the joy of my family as i have now.
I dont expect anything from any one other then what i provide for myself.
I have a great SOH. I love cooking, and sharing a botlle of wine. with a nice meal. Be it in a resterant or at home.
Money isnt everything. and it doesnt nessercerly bring happiness. after all, if that was the case they why are you here? looking for something you cant find in the real world. Take care and good luck to all. x

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