brandiexx, 40 in Nottingham , Nottinghamshire

brandiexx, 40 years old
Im looking for love…God! Do I expect too much?!
Because I know exactly what type of man I want-please dont waste your and my time if youre looking for fun (Im defo not your toy),if youre under 6″0(Im 5″8 and yes I want you to be taller than me),if you think youre the Gods gift to women and you dont have to make any effort (yes I want you to treat me like a Princess!:D),if youre looking for “nothing serious”(you need to grow up ASAP!;D),if youre looking for sex (get lost please!),if youre under 35 (Im not after toy-boys sorry),if you like “nice,easy and quick” (go to KFC and enjoy your meal!:D),if…I will upgrade all “ifs” later hahaha;
P.S All perverts -get out!;D

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