clarabell1981, 29 in Motherwell, Lanarkshire

clarabell1981, 29 years old
They say the hardest thing to be in your life is yourself…. well im always myself. Take it or leave it 😉

I would say Im a happy, cheery girl who loves a good laugh, reeling out one liners like their going out of fashion and spending time with friends. My humour is extremely dry and sarcastic but all in good jest! Im also quite cheeky but in a funny way not a nasty way… Not exactly bigging myself up here haha… but this asks for a description of me and a descritption youll get 🙂 Im extremely tactile and very respectful towards anyone as long as theyre respectful to me! I love a good night out with my friends but love to stay in and chill out aswell. As long as im doing one or the other with the people who mean the most to me. I absolutley love listening to music, it makes me happy! I love all sorts of music (apart from jazz and opera.. whats the point?) and love watching a really good film every now and again too. Basically anything that involves enjoying myself then Ill do it!! Oh and i hate shopping!! Oh and one final thing you should know.. Im utterly obsessed with Friends… and i know your probably thinking its on the telly every day and you must have seen them a million times and well… you thought right!! But it brightens my day and makes me smile and you cant hold that against me surely 🙂

I love the simple small things in life… Those to me are the things that really matter as they show a person that you actually care.

I like to think i always make an effort with people and so i would expect some effort in return. Im not demanding or controlling. Im not a **** or a gossip (to which a couple of my girlfriends wonder how this is possible since they love a good gossip!) and i just think im genuinely very easy to get on with.

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