crystal_eyes91, 39 in Torquay, Devon

crystal_eyes91, 39 years old
Writing about yourself must be one of the hardest things, but here goes…..

Im not hot or gorgeous. I dont have an amazing figure or a flat stomach. Im far from being considered a model, but Im ME!! I eat food, have curves, love my PJs, and will go without make up. Im random, crazy, & moody but I dont pretend to be someone Im not. I am who I am, love me or not, it wont change ME!!!

I am honest, reliable, sociable, outgoing and trustworthy. I have been told I have a great personality once I get to know someone, but admit I am quite shy when out of my comfort zone, but I get there eventually.

I enjoy fun nights out at the pub during weekends but do not like nightclubs. I enjoy going to the cinema, theatre and going out for meals. Im not the most adventurous person, but as long as it doesnt involve heights or snakes (massive phobia!), I will try most things. But I can honestly say I am just as happy with cosy nights in especially during winter when I tend to hibernate.

Would like to meet someone to share fun times and even not so fun times when they arise. I like a man to be a man.

I was married for quite a long time and miss being part of a couple. Would like to meet someone to share just the usual ups and downs of life, but also find time for some fun times in between.

I have 2 children who have both left home and have 3 fabulous grand daughters who I dont see as much of as Id like due to distance and relationship breakups.

My taste in music is very varied as there is not much I dont like. But I do ask what is the point of rap music?

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