EmmyLou1980, 31 in Gloucester , Gloucestershire

EmmyLou1980, 31 years old
What to say about me – I have just come out of a long relationship/marriage after being unhappy for a long time. I am usually a fun and outgoing person but the last 12 months have been hard so my smile has faded!

My hobbies – I should be honest and say I am an avid football fan and have a season ticket at my fave club. I go to all home games and some away games so if this might bother you then please stay away! Better to be upfront from the beginning I think.
Aside from football I love going out, all types of music, watching cricket and seing my friends. I have moved about a lot so having good friends means a lot to me. I also enjoy cooking and love nothing more than watching a good film (and yes Dirty Dancing is my fave film ever – predicatable I know!).

I work in social housing and until December had a very good job in Liverpool (I am not a scouser!) but the ex made me move so now I am in an average job. I have just completed my post grad in housing and I am a driven person – I really want to make something of my life and climb the career ladder again.

Music wise I am pretty varied – my fave band in the WHOLE world is the Foo Fighters. I love Take That, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Eminem, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kaiser Chiefs, Johnny Cash, Glee, Ricky Martin, Swedish House Mafia, Prodigy – I could go on but I think you will see I like a diverse range of music!

About me generally – I think I am easy to get on with. Can be a little shy but that is just because confidence has been knocked so much. I get told I have great eyes, legs and bum but aside from the eyes I dont see it!!! I like people who can make me laugh, enjoy doing things together but also enjoy separate interests, who wont mess me about and can have a good conversation as I do like to talk!

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