Emzylou89, 21 in Fareham, Hampshire

Emzylou89, 21 years old
Right, how can I sell myself?

Im a fairly down to earth type of girl. I consider myself to be honest and loyal. I do lack self confidence sometimes.

I consider myself to be quite active ad try to keep a certain level of fitness. In the summer I ride my bike to work, only 10 miles but keeps me fit. I used to be good at badminton. Apart from cycling Im not into any particular sports. Id rather be playing than watching! I work as a lifeguard so Im not stuck in an office all day, the job alone keeps me fairly active with activity set ups that I have to do.

Beware! I do act blonde, Ive had my share of broken bones. I have a metal plate and screws in one ankle as well! So I have some big scars.

Im a girl that enjoys simple things in life. I like beach walks, particularly in the summer. I like the get out the woods and explore. I like adventures, I will try anything once, even somethingmpre extreme like a sky dive. Im not faint hearted and I dont think Im particularly screamish either!

Anyway, thatll do for now, otherwise Ill just blabbering on.

If there is anything else you would like to know just ask!

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