jackyffd903, 46 in Northampton , Northamptonshire

jackyffd903, 46 years old
Ok here goes, I am a fun loving, caring mother of two girls. My eldest is 22 and my youngest is nearly 16.
I have two small dogs that are very cherished and very much a part of my family. I think I have a good sense of humor cause I laugh at most things… unless that just me being slightly thick..lol. I also like to go out dancing although its been a while, cant wait to get back out into the big wide world again. I love to go out or just have a quiet night in.. Long walks with the dogs etc etc. Quite an all rounder really. I love motor bikes and riding pillion, rides to the coast or just out and about on them… I also have a varied taste in music from modern chart stuff to the good oldies you know the ones I mean,, the ones you actually know the words to. I am very much a people watcher,, no not perv, just like looking at people.
My aim in life is just to be happy..!! I have learnt through the years that money really doesnt buy happiness you have to create it..

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