Jaisha_Mai_Sky, 23 in Birmingham, West Midlands

Jaisha_Mai_Sky, 23 years old
Well what can I say Im a 22 yr old educated young BBW from Birmingham. People may describe me as a lil crazy, spontaneous, undecisive but overall 1 ov the realest chicks around. I am what I am take me or leave me. Im a proud mother to my lil Princess Cyena Mai and I view motherhood as a blessing it hasnt hindered my oppourtunites in the slightest if anything its given me more drive to pave the way for my muchkin.

I havent got the time or energy to conversate with phychopaths or individuals with no manners or respect for others. Im attracted to simmilar minded people as myself. variety is always interesting but if ur mad… and a lil too crazy… then ermm… no thanx.

I HATE sleazy guys! Come at me in a way that I may find unacceptable and U will get blocked, Nothing long!

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