Pre_Raphaelite, 22 in Birmingham, West Midlands

Pre_Raphaelite, 22 years old
Hi, my names Rachel not exactly sure what to write on these things, but here goes!

I like going out with friends, I love going to the cinema to see new films. I like doing a lot of things, my hobbies include cooking, reading, acting and shopping! I am also really getting into classic musicals such as Singing in the Rain and High Society.
Id love to travel a bit more, Ive been to a few places in the UK that I love, such as Portmerion, or Loch Lomond, but I would love to travel further afield and see what the world has to offer! New York and New Zealand are on my list, as well as Greece!
Things that make me laugh- FAMILY GUY!!! I also like comedy films, and there are some subjects and conversations that will make me laugh, there isnt anything in particular. I like a guy who doesnt always take himself too seriously.
I like all sorts of music from Rock to R n B to Classical. My favourite band is the Foo Fighters. The only music I dont like is really heavy metal and opera (except Phantom of the Opera, but does that count?)Also, as I said before I love classical film numbers. There is nothing more amazing than sitting in a concert with a large orchestra and baritone and sopranos singing wonderful showtunes.
I like a guy who can make me laugh. Do that and your halfway there! Also a guy who can make me feel good about myself. Being romantic and good looking would be a bonus!
In the future I am hoping to find a job i love as well as hoping to meet a nice genuine, caring guy who finds me gorgeous just as I am!

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