timetdde867, 26 in Norwich, Norfolk

timetdde867, 26 years old
I think im a genuinely positive, confident, friendly and open minded person and I am loving everything life has to offer right now – you only get one shot at it so I intend to enjoy every minute! I love picking up my backpack and travelling to exotic and random places, a few sports, reading books and hanging out with my lovely friends – I enjoy a night in with a dvd and wine just as much as a wild night out up the city! I work in customer service right now and im still trying to work out what it is id like to do long term… im really interested in world religions and languages (I speak German and im learning Spanish) so maybe something to do with those.

With me what you see is exactly what you get – im not really into fashion, i dont own more shoes than I have fingers and youll never find me fake tanning or getting a manicure! My taste in music… pretty wide – I listen to whatevers in the chart, indie, trance, r and b and reggae and reggaeton – influences from my latest travels 🙂 Taste in movies are a little narrow – mostly rom com chick flicks im afraid 😉 TV – anything that makes me laugh – The Inbetweeners, The Big Bang Theory, Family guy etc and even some old clasics like Dads Army, Faulty Towers 🙂

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