vanesa9f48d, 30 in Chester, Cheshire

vanesa9f48d, 30 years old
I am an, affectionate, passionate, loving, touchy-feely type of gal, with a great sense of humor. I can be shy at first, but with the right person, I easily open up.Im a huge animal lover, though dont have one presently. I love being by water, love watching boats go by! Water is just so calming and serene. I also love the sound of a good rainstorm, while cuddled up in bed. I enjoy touring around, anywhere, and just getting out to see something new. I dont like the bar scene anymore, but I do like to get out to dance, or go to house parties, that sort of thing. Im also a huge music lover, since I can remember, in some shape or form. Love almost all types of music, even if its just 1 or 2 songs in a certain genre, I just appreciate a good rhythm! I love to love, holding hands is a must! Im affectionate, very caring, and nothing makes me feel better than a good strong hug! I like to watch movies, usually more in than out, so you can cuddle better! I like camping, though its been awhile, same for boating. Im open to try almost anything new, in all aspects of my
life! Many people say Im a very giving,, and gentle spirit. I just know I hate conflict! I want to spend the rest of my life
in harmony, loving someone with everything I have, and having someone treat me the same way.

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