xkinkykimx, 23 in Swindon, Wiltshire

xkinkykimx, 23 years old
hi my name is kim. some people call me kimmy or kimbo 😀 im an outgoing girl love to explore and try diffrent things atleast once…. im very bubbly smiley and confedent!! i am a community nurse/support,care worker. i have huge responsibilities… but i do love my job,very rewarding but also challenging… your have to excuse my spelling lol …. im currently living at home with my nan and my auntie i have lived with them all my life as my mum passed away wen i was just 6 weeks old…. so yes been very spoilt…my hobbies … swimming,bowling,BINGO, spending time with my family and friends,i love going on long walks taking my pup out 🙂 i used to teach dance but not anymore … 🙁 my fav was street dance but i taught all sorts of diffrent style of dance … apart from ballet lol thats not my style … iv been single now 4 nearly a year and im getting very bored of it now, but dont want to rush into things too quickly as i have had bad relationships in the past and just cant be dealing with the …… just want to go on dates,meet new people and get to know diffrent people and just see how it goes and where it leads us…… theres much more to say about myself..but ill think ill stop there and let u ask some questions 🙂 bye xxx

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