mystery2311, 29 in London , London

mystery2311, 29 years old
Its important to be honest here, right?

I am caring and loving. And want to be cared and loved.
You know, I am successful and know what I want, travelled all round the world, was a ballroom dancer, organized internatiomal events and now I am looking for someone who is looking himself for a beautiful caring women next to him and who is ready to care about her.
I am very easy-going, like to laugh and smile and see smiles on the faces of dear people! I love family dinners, enjoy cooking and do it really well :), like seeing friends and going to cinemas, galleries, take a break and go to see another town…
At the same time I can buy a ticket and fly to a Vienna Ball or for a weekend to make a birthday surprise for my parents…or friends…
Love surprises…enjoy making surprises..

Love sunny days and Saturday mornings, evenings with friends and family time!

I just love LIFE and want to share one with a dear one!

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