X_Fia_X, 25 in Birmingham, West Midlands

X_Fia_X, 25 years old
Im a bubbly, smiley and enthusiatic person, which means that at times I can be a bit loud. Im quite open minded abd so Ill try anything (at least once). If I decide Im going to do something, I really go for it , none of this half-hearted nonsense. I also insist on doing it my way, often with hilarious results as 9 times out of 10 my way is not the easy or sensible way to do things. But thats ok, I dont mind people laughing; I dont take myself seriously anyway.

I love music but Im not fussy about what sort and so one day Ill be listening to metal and the next itll be house but it always makes me happy. I love sport, anything thatll give me a nice big adrenaline rush is a hit. When Im not studying I spend my time playing with my son. Hes my little angel.

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