cute792, 32 in Sheffield , South Yorkshire

cute792, 32 years old
I am like jewels, gems and rubies, rare and distinguised and unique, friendly, kind, loving and sweet, but so playful all I want to do is laugh and play even more on a rainy day 😉 Love is in my head but freedom is in my soul but always in need of a new excitment and goal.


. Creating beautiful memories with my son
. taking my boxer dog for long walks in the countryside
. Photography
. Alternative therapies
. Travelling(lived in Mexico City & Majorca)
. Cruising(I worked on the ships for 7 yrs on and off)
. Sunsets
. Cabo San Lucas
. Snow & sunshine
. Christmas
. Big smiles
. Candle light
. Fruity C o c k t a i l s
. Craft markets
. Cross trainer
. Going to the gym
. Italian food
. Nandos
. Garlic
. Tapas
. Strawberries & Raspberries
. Fresh orange juice
. Home made choc brownies
. Comedy films
. Writing
. Fancy dress
. Gadgets
. Google
. Music (Hip Hop, R&B, Salsa mainly but like most, liking Mana, Celia Cruz, Beyonce, kings of Leon, The Script, Bruno Mars, Jessy J, Rihanna, old MJ and Paulo Nutini to name but a few)
. Dancing, would like to learn The Tango, but need a partner or a teacher
. Receiving nice text messages
. Theatre
. Burlesque
. Vin Diesel & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
. Dita Von Teese
. The sound of laughter
. Cuddles
. Kissing :-*
. People Watching
. Sat Nav


. Negativity
. Rude,arrogant people
. People who do not listen or hear (not as in deaf people!)
. Cruelty to animals and children
. Freshly cut grass (hayfever)
. Overuse of pet names like duck, love, petal etc…
. Red wine except mixed as in Sangria (mmmm)
. Road hoggers
. Bright lights(apart from the bright lights of NYC)
. My alarm clock
. Nuts
. Sea food
. Clutter
. Too many patterns
. Ironing
. Wasps
. Cold callers
. liars
. People with bad manners
. Players
. Losing connection on the internet
. Going to the gym! (Sometimes love it sometimes hate it)
. None replies to text messages

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