mynameismairi, 20 in Sheffield , South Yorkshire

mynameismairi, 20 years old
Hiya, well I hate writing these things so im going to make it short and sweet. My name is Mairi, I am a 19 year old student living in Sheffield. If you cannot spell or use grammar dont bother messaging me. Also if you are old enough to be my dad that is another off putting thing. On a nicer note, I like to think im nice and im very independent. I love going on wee adventures and spontaneous days in and out the flat. I am from Scotland originally but I only have a slight twang of Scottish in my accent.
If I havent bored you to death pop me a wee message and amuse me.

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Ladyboss70, 41 in Rotherham , South Yorkshire

Ladyboss70, 41 years old
Independant mother of 2 great young adults. Me time now, love to go out yet love to come home n shut the world outside!
Love holidays , chill time away from home anywhere.
Blank canvas want to start something new!! Done my bit my babies off now begining their own life paths!
So now what to do??

Have to work to live not live to work (any 5 from 7), cook, clean, wash, iron, pay the bills!

Want to do!!
Swim the barrier reef, tour and explore the world, win the lottery,
run away with the circus, na make that the fair like a good ride!!
Now now boys keep it clean lol !!

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FireyFox90, 22 in Sheffield , South Yorkshire

FireyFox90, 22 years old
I love live music, electronica, rock & pop but Im quite diverse.

Im a bit of a gamer and a bit of a wannabe petrol head…I LOVE cars and looking into getting my own wheels soon *fingers crossed*
I love to write when I can. I love to read but tend to get too easily distracted by TV or the internet.I love a good film but will always choose a pint and a natter over most things 🙂

I have 6 tattoos & 13 piercings 🙂

Im a bit off an optimistic pessimist, backward I know but thats me 🙂

*I think that people should live without regret. If you are happy with who you are than why would you ever change what had happened to make you that way.*

I must admit I have a love for Stephen Fry, Jeremy Clarkson & Hugh Laurie (QI, Top Gear & House MD FTW!)

That is all 🙂 So if you like what you see dont be afraid to say hi.

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AngelBreeze666, 26 in Rotherham , South Yorkshire

AngelBreeze666, 26 years old
whats to say, I have a HND in Equine Studies yet i work in a nightclub if I could combine working with horses and working behind the bar I would. I can have a weird sense of humor but am a loyal and trusting friend. This is only a scratch on the surface of me…ask me for more info but bear this in mind, due to having dated complete asss previously I cant do temporary stuff like NSA or one night stands.

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kd181, 22 in Doncaster , South Yorkshire

kd181, 22 years old
well what can i say, im kelly im 19, n i work in care. i still live with me parents. i no most of you will find it strange me being on ere, im not ere for the sex crap i am ere to talk, so talk away.

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ScattyNat38, 40 in Sheffield , South Yorkshire

ScattyNat38, 40 years old
Im Natalie and would love to meet someone special to cuddle upto on these cold winter nights.
I love to go out and socialise with my friends who are very dear to me.
My motto is live life for today, dont worry about the ifs and buts in life, if you click and enjoy each others company then make the most of it whilst you can. xx

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