FireyFox90, 22 in Sheffield , South Yorkshire

FireyFox90, 22 years old
I love live music, electronica, rock & pop but Im quite diverse.

Im a bit of a gamer and a bit of a wannabe petrol head…I LOVE cars and looking into getting my own wheels soon *fingers crossed*
I love to write when I can. I love to read but tend to get too easily distracted by TV or the internet.I love a good film but will always choose a pint and a natter over most things 🙂

I have 6 tattoos & 13 piercings 🙂

Im a bit off an optimistic pessimist, backward I know but thats me 🙂

*I think that people should live without regret. If you are happy with who you are than why would you ever change what had happened to make you that way.*

I must admit I have a love for Stephen Fry, Jeremy Clarkson & Hugh Laurie (QI, Top Gear & House MD FTW!)

That is all 🙂 So if you like what you see dont be afraid to say hi.

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