lauraginnie, 34 in Leeds , West Yorkshire

lauraginnie, 34 years old
The following might seem materialistic, but im far from shallow, im easy going, genuine, happy and considerate, a bit of a clown but if you cant laugh at yourself then youre too serious. I enjoy life and new experiences, as long as you are down to earth and genuine, you get my vote!

I have a wide and varied interest in all music from Funk, Soul, Liquid Drum & Bass, various Djs to bands and solo artists. I have travelled to many places but so many more on the list!! Travel is important to me, culture and the experience, not to mention local cuisine. I love Afria, South America, quaint mediteranean hide outs and cities, id really like to see the Northern Lights when brave enough to venture into degrees below what we can stand! Malaysia and Vietnam would be fantastic for the local cuisine (ideally not watching butchery). Hong Kong was interesting but didnt take my breath away. I love film, theatre, arts and fashion. I enjoy dancing, exercising, cooking, socialising, home making/interior design, dinner parties, weekends away and visiting friends and family. Bit of a petrol head, but nothings changed since childhood!! My favourite cars are Audi R8, Jaguars, Lotus Elise, Ascaris and the old Renault Spider.

Jobs wise have been modelling and dancing, (also working with costume design, make up and choreography) to include tv work, commercials and music videos. The most fun was hosting for a speed dating company…. Although i have been a sales administrator, accounts manager, insurance, insolvency account administrator and customer service operator, i hated the environment and loss of freedom.

I do enjoy music, as a teenager i played the violin, drums, recorders, piano, organ, keyboard and synthesizer…Now im considering production if the talent hasnt disappeared! Less patient with age might lose interest haha.

Thanks for reading xx have fun

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