need_it_41val, 41 in Wetherby, Leeds, UK

need_it_41val, 41 years old
I am here to see if I can find some much needed fun, not much to say other than I am looking for a man of any age, doesn’t matter to me as its whats in your mind which counts! I really need to let go of my sexual frustration, I wish my husband was still interested but I guess its common for them to go off it after so many years? Maybe you have the same issue with your other half and also the reason you are here?

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lauraginnie, 34 in Leeds , West Yorkshire

lauraginnie, 34 years old
The following might seem materialistic, but im far from shallow, im easy going, genuine, happy and considerate, a bit of a clown but if you cant laugh at yourself then youre too serious. I enjoy life and new experiences, as long as you are down to earth and genuine, you get my vote!

I have a wide and varied interest in all music from Funk, Soul, Liquid Drum & Bass, various Djs to bands and solo artists. I have travelled to many places but so many more on the list!! Travel is important to me, culture and the experience, not to mention local cuisine. I love Afria, South America, quaint mediteranean hide outs and cities, id really like to see the Northern Lights when brave enough to venture into degrees below what we can stand! Malaysia and Vietnam would be fantastic for the local cuisine (ideally not watching butchery). Hong Kong was interesting but didnt take my breath away. I love film, theatre, arts and fashion. I enjoy dancing, exercising, cooking, socialising, home making/interior design, dinner parties, weekends away and visiting friends and family. Bit of a petrol head, but nothings changed since childhood!! My favourite cars are Audi R8, Jaguars, Lotus Elise, Ascaris and the old Renault Spider.

Jobs wise have been modelling and dancing, (also working with costume design, make up and choreography) to include tv work, commercials and music videos. The most fun was hosting for a speed dating company…. Although i have been a sales administrator, accounts manager, insurance, insolvency account administrator and customer service operator, i hated the environment and loss of freedom.

I do enjoy music, as a teenager i played the violin, drums, recorders, piano, organ, keyboard and synthesizer…Now im considering production if the talent hasnt disappeared! Less patient with age might lose interest haha.

Thanks for reading xx have fun

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Sparky8941, 23 in Leeds , West Yorkshire

Sparky8941, 23 years old
well ermm
First of all if i dont like the look of you i wont reply sorry but hey looks might not be everythin but you sure have to fancy someone to meet them be honest would you still be lookin at my profile if you didnt find me attractive in some way?
Right about me ….
I have the lowest form of wit oh yeah i call it been sarcastic,
I have a three year old son whos favorite sayin at the moment in why! Im running out of answers.
I enjoy playin on my xbox, and listenin to music
my favorite thing to do on a sunday is nothing inculdin not gettin dressed.

Im that unorganized that if my head wasnt screwed on i would have lost it by now!! I can be a very random person at times and i do enjoy windin people up ( my mum says im a wind up merchant )
My sons buzz light year scares the life out of me… it just stands there and stares at you!

So movies
I like action, horror, comedy and romantic films
jason statham matt damon bruse willis vin diesel are my favorite actors

dance rnb trance hip hop ill listen to anything really

i enjoy workin and i dont want my son to grow up with a mum on benifits id rather show him that you can work and have a kid at the same time even if your doin it on your own.

Ill update more when i can think of some more stuff about me so get in touch if you like what you read and dont think im a stuck up b*tch..

Oh and for a 22year old i can cook and i enjoy cookin just dont expect me to be your house wife =P

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as1adoll, 27 in Leeds , West Yorkshire

as1adoll, 27 years old
When people are sometimes asked to describe me, the term “spark plug” is often used. I know how to speak my mind and get what I want, but I do so with a smile. Ive been known to assess first impressions quickly (both personally and professionally) and generally do not waiver from my initial conclusion. Im considered a very generous person in all aspects of my life especially in friendship, family and love. Ive been told that Im smart, beautiful and sensitive, although I also tend to be a bit modest too. Im looking for a decent, trustworthy, outgoing, sociable man who shares my views on love, family and friends and is ready for all of it to begin with me.

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Miss_Cheeky21, 28 in Leeds , West Yorkshire

Miss_Cheeky21, 28 years old
I am a down to earth very friendly person. I love spending time with my friends and Im a very social person. Looking for someone to go out on dates with, good company, see what happens. Hopefully one day I will find the one!

I am looking for a confident man who is fun, sensitive and lots of romance!
Love going out into town for drinks and a dance when I can with my girly mates. The rest of the time I love to cook and bake for my friends and family, getting out and about, going away for the weekend, chilling and watching films and just trying to live up the weekends and enjoy as much as possible. Into all types of music ranging from Jazz to pop to even folk music. I went to Glasto for first time last year and it was totally epic!

I like to keep fit by going to the gym and dancing.
I would love to do some traveling or working abroad for a season again as I really want to see more of the world. I did a winter season in France a few years ago and loved it! Still got the travel bug and feel like I have unfinished business!! It would be great to find someone who is also into traveling. If not thats fine Im very relaxed and open person just want to find someone nice!

If you want to know anything else please ask.

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chloe__xx_1994LS2 9BS, 19 in Leeds , West Yorkshire

chloe__xx_1994LS2 9BS, 19 years old
Hi there thanks for checking out my profile 🙂
So I am a young, free and single girl looking for a like minded guy to get to know and then hopefully to lead to a meaningful relationship, I think you have to look further than the clubs if you wanna find that. Most guys I meet are only after one thing but Im looking for something special. Someone to be like my bestfriend who I can hang out with and have all the fun in the world with what ever we happen to be doing.

So i would consider myself a really easy person to get along with; Im incredibly friendly, caring and laid back. I like going out, having fun and a good laugh but i also enjoy lazy days like just snuggling up in bed in my pjs watching a film with a tub of cookie dough ice cream (mmmm!) 🙂

I have a pretty busy life at the mo with my studies but when theyre over id love to travel round the world someday, experience different cultures and see the sights.

like all films but my faves have to be the old classics like back to the future, ghost busters, dirty dancing, the karate kid, indiana jones, the terminator, ghost, jurassic park. i love all kindsa music but mostly im a rock/indie kinda chick ^-^ i like bands like the killers, greenday, paramore, pendulum, kings of leon lostprophets, 30h!3, all time low, bring me the horizon, the XX, muse, breaking benjamin, brokencyde, cobra starship, N.E.R.D hot action cop… 🙂 ohh and owl city, I loved them before they were famous! I actually kinda liked liking a band that nobody else had heard of… darn you radio pop culture 😛

I like guys who say cheesey things to me, so come on bring it on Mr. Cheddar ;D

But enough about me tell me more about you 🙂

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