Sparky8941, 23 in Leeds , West Yorkshire

Sparky8941, 23 years old
well ermm
First of all if i dont like the look of you i wont reply sorry but hey looks might not be everythin but you sure have to fancy someone to meet them be honest would you still be lookin at my profile if you didnt find me attractive in some way?
Right about me ….
I have the lowest form of wit oh yeah i call it been sarcastic,
I have a three year old son whos favorite sayin at the moment in why! Im running out of answers.
I enjoy playin on my xbox, and listenin to music
my favorite thing to do on a sunday is nothing inculdin not gettin dressed.

Im that unorganized that if my head wasnt screwed on i would have lost it by now!! I can be a very random person at times and i do enjoy windin people up ( my mum says im a wind up merchant )
My sons buzz light year scares the life out of me… it just stands there and stares at you!

So movies
I like action, horror, comedy and romantic films
jason statham matt damon bruse willis vin diesel are my favorite actors

dance rnb trance hip hop ill listen to anything really

i enjoy workin and i dont want my son to grow up with a mum on benifits id rather show him that you can work and have a kid at the same time even if your doin it on your own.

Ill update more when i can think of some more stuff about me so get in touch if you like what you read and dont think im a stuck up b*tch..

Oh and for a 22year old i can cook and i enjoy cookin just dont expect me to be your house wife =P

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