fifi51andcurious, 51 in Alfreton, Derbyshire

fifi51andcurious, 51 years old
Happily married but quite curious about many things. Especially interested in sharing fantasies with other married peeps. I’m quite fit for my age and keep myself trim, you should too! That said, would be open to a younger fuckbuddy lol x

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bigbitch1968, 44 in ALFRETON, Derbyshire

bigbitch1968, 44 years old
a fun fuck buddy is all I\’m in the market for right now. I look forward to screwing your brains out. If you contact me I promise to send you home with a smile on your face. i don\’t like to be rushed as so as to get max pleasure hour\’s of foreplay and love to please and tease am a size 22 with very big tits. you know how to reach me if this is what your into come on boys don\’t be shy give this hot tight pussy a try!!!

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