big1splease, 34 in Alsager, Cheshire

big1splease, 34 years old
Looking for lots of fun and plenty or orgasms.Not interested in men over 50, your old enough to b my Dad and that\’s not my thing. Also not interested in young boys, you might think u know a thing or two but in my experience you don\’t.I like to be dominated in the bedroom and spanked, but not too hard. Love to be tied up, blindfolded, pleasured orally and fucked ball deep by a big cock doggy style.No small Willies please, it\’s NOT what you do with it that counts, size definitely matters no matter what some might say.I\’m very clean and always like to smell and dress nice and would expect the same from whoever I meet.My biggest fantasy is to have a threesome, whether they b MMW or WWM.Sorry no smokers, anyone who likes dogging 🙁 or people who think inflicting pain is a turn on. Not into that at all. Also no anal penetration, definitely a no go area for any Willy, especially big ones :)Don\’t like it overly hairy down there especially when giving oral

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