2playawayx, 41 in Andover, Hampshire

2playawayx, 41 years old
I’m a bit nervous being on here but am really keen to have some fun and this looks a good place to start! Yes I am married but I know he plays away so why shouldn’t I? Not sure what else to put, probably best if you just ask me what you want to know! Oh, I love oral, especially sucking dick if that helps LOL x

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xxxplorer, 29 in ANDOVER, Hampshire

xxxplorer, 29 years old
I think I am your average woman, with an elevated sex drive. Certain things turn me on, smells, different kinds of touches on my neck or the back of my thigh. I want to explore new areas that I have always fantasized about but not had a chance to get into. I would love to be with more than one person, go to some xxx clubs, whatever I can find kinky to do

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