new2this44, 44 in Blackwater and Hawley, Hampshire, UK

new2this44, 44 years old
ok, I have to confess that this is completely out of my comfort zone! I am 40 something and now separated (pending divorce!) and well, I have been having so many naughty thoughts lately that my curiosity is getting the better of me! To be blunt, I just want to experience things with other men, things I have seen online but never experienced, that make sense? hope so! anyway, be nice to chat at least and see how things progress?? xx

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daddysgirl, 26 in Blackwater and Hawley, Hampshire

daddysgirl, 26 years old
Hello and thank you for reading. I am Survana, friendly Indian lady hoping to find new friends. I am more attracted towards the older gentleman that enjoys the quiet homely lifestyle. I don\’t really get much chance to meet many people as I live in a rural area which is mainly countryside. Would be nice to hear from anyone that might be interested.

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