sexy40chrissy, 43 in Bournemouth, Dorset

sexy40chrissy, 43 years old
I am sexy forty something female with a high sexual appetite. I’m intelligent, sexually confident, mature, intuitive. I like positive people that have good manners and know how to communicate in the sexual realm. I am not shy or quiet, or into drama, deceit, double standards, or females. Seeking someone just as considerate and giving as I am for frequent mutually gratifying encounters.

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clumsypink, 36 in Bournemouth, Hampshire

clumsypink, 36 years old
Well, just a girl looking for a boy to fall in love with and love with happily ever after!!

I like to cycle, walk, jog, go to the gym and kayak.

I have 3 beautiful children ho are the spark in my flame and i have two long suffering parents,, tee hee.

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Lady_Wendy, 51 in Bournemouth, Hampshire

Lady_Wendy, 51 years old
50 year BBW looking for Mr Right. I have just started a new journey in my life and would love to have a partner to share it with. I will tell you more about this when I get to know you
I enjoy swimming, going to the beach and cinema. Enjoy eating out and good conversations
I strongley believe in family relationships and good family values
I have lots of friends in my life but am missing that special somone to share special times with
I am NOT looking for one night stands, be a bit on the side, short term relationships

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LUSH_LOUISEA, 32 in Bournemouth, Hampshire

LUSH_LOUISEA, 32 years old
I am very happy and friendly, a real peoples person, get on with most people as I love to talk and listen,socialise and make new friemds, I am curemtly a single mother of a wonderful 5yr old little girl who means the absolute world to me, and would love her to grow up round loving and meaningfull relationships. She is an absolute beauty not only in her gorgeous looks, but her great personality. I love to sing, although not profesionaly at the moment would love to have an oportunity to do so again one day ,as music is a great passion. I love the nice things in life and desperately want to be able to enhem with my still searching for soul mate

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love_is123, 28 in Bournemouth, Hampshire

love_is123, 28 years old

The usual story.. did my A-levels, then BA (HONS) illustration… then chose to do a level 3 Teaching Assistant qualification & worked as a T.A. to help me decide whether to become a teacher.. am still not 100% decided, so have been working as the manager of a kids club every day. (Im an artist & photographer too, but its more of a hobby at present, until I get the time to pursue it further.)

Ideal date??

Hmmm… wed be on the beach or a boat… beside a fire… watching the sun set (errr hopefully NOT beside a fire if were on a boat lol!!)

I like simple pleasures such as exploring beaches and being by the sea (not plain, boring, flat sands – somewhere rocky to climb & explore rockpools & sand dunes.)

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poshsandra, 51 in Bournemouth, Hampshire

poshsandra, 51 years old

My name is Sandy, I am new to this site and I am not sure how things work.

I am 49 years of age and married to a man much older than myself who has no interest in the physical side of our marriage any more. I love my husband but I need some sexual release also. I enjoy exchanging pictures with sexy men and at least I can masturbate while having erotic chat or looking at sexy photos.

My husband has no idea I do this and I would like to keep it that way. For this reason I am unable to cam or chat on messenger programs, but I am willing to exchange by email.

I am originally from England but my husband and I have retired to a beautiful villa in Portugal where we now live.

We have a gardener/handyman called Albert who is 61 years old but is also an amateur photographer. I have struck up a relationship with him and he takes the majority of the photographs that I have and I think the content and quality is superb. When my husband is away Albert flirts a lot with me, we do mess around a little. I arrange times when my husband is away for Albert to take the photos, or sometimes I will meet him at secluded spots where I can pose.

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madasmaddy, 41 in Bournemouth, Dorset

madasmaddy, 41 years old
I am a very good looking woman that has lots of fun and is looking to share lots of fun with someone else. Just a one time thing or more is cool. I am free and fun loving with lots of energy!

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curvy35uk, 35 in ABERGAVENNY, Bournemouth

curvy35uk, 35 years old
Busty 35 year old with plenty to offer in and out the bedroom!I have a full life but something is lacking…..passion! So here I am hoping to find some sparks and fun.Given the amount of people on these sites, we all seem to be looking for the same thing so this seems like a great place to start exploring. I like tall men with some form and not to skinny. I don\’t really have a type but am not keen of facial hair for some reason? I know, I know some girls love it but it just isn\’t my thing.My ideal person would be somebody who was openminded and happy to go with the flow and would be great if it developed into something more. Although I am aware what this site is about but trust and true connection is vital regardless!

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