kinky_starlet from BRENTWOOD, Essex

kinky_starlet, 29 years old
First off i am classed as a BBW, I am a size 18/20 pretty much all in proportion though, however if this is not your thing, no hard feelings at all and i hope you find what you are looking for! I am confident and comfortable, and love to laugh. I am a great listener and have a lot of different interests…one of which is obviously good sex! I like to have slow passionate sex, but I also love to feel dirty and just love some kinky sex; the kind of sex that is driven by pure lust, lots of touching, squeezing, tasting, sweating and hard instinctive fucking. My friends say I am pretty easy going, and occassionally random. I love sex and prefer my sexual partners to tell me what to do, although I very much enjoy an equal role in the bedroom…both partners taking the initiative and responding to eachothers bodies.

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