cougarsam, 38 in Burslem, Staffordshire

cougarsam, 38 years old
I\’ve reached a turning point in my life and decided that I need to fulfill my needs as hubby had not been able to do it for me. I love sex (lots and lots of it)…all positions, a bit rough as well as soft and sensual and maybe a bit dirty…lol I love dressing up and wearing sexy really turns me on.I prefer younger guys and I\’m actually in my late thirties so I have to admit I\’m a cougar and tend to go for guys under 30 years of age. I love facial stubble on guys but bad hygeine really disgusts me.I dont have big boobs…theyre small and firm with constantly erect nipples, so if big ones are your thing please dont bother messaging me.Also dick pics dont really do it for me and telling me how big it is is of no interest…I like them as they cum!

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