pinkfairyx, 32 in Chatham, Kent

pinkfairyx, 32 years old
im a genuine down to earth girl who likes a laugh, and spending time with people who are intreasting and charming

i like being wined and dined, i like proper gentlemen who still makes a fuss of there ladies

my dream is to live a nice life with a nice gentle caring

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Cutie_Lou6, 19 in Chatham, Kent

Cutie_Lou6, 19 years old
I mostly like to chill with friends but i do like to go crazy every now and then for example: a last minute camping trip and skinny dipping or a random a night out lol, i live everyday as it comes and try to have fun as much as possible. I try not to take life to seriously! I love to draw. i love to dance but only when drunk, i like all types of music really but mostly chart music. i am aiming to eventually become a counselor. I am open minded and kind of go with the flow so what ever happens happens 😀

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sohot42, 42 in CHATHAM, Kent

sohot42, 42 years old
not really sure what to write, prefer to chat as I’m not great at this and need a little encouragement. because i am married i have to be careful and meets are limited so please understand that. i get very turned on about all this and just looking around at the pics on here is making me wet! if you want to see more of me then just ask and hopefully you will get hard seeing them

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