nicoolka000, 22 in Corby, Northamptonshire

nicoolka000, 22 years old
Well here we go! think its important to clear this at the start so i dont waste your time or mine,
I am not interested in anyone whos still studying, or taking courses or whatever, I want a settled person and cant be asked to go out with some little student..or someone who is not career orientated.
I have thing for tall guys so if youre less than 6 ft then i probably wont reply.
Hi, my name is Nikola- yes! with a K!
I love cooking, and eating! I play the piano-my big passion.I am quite good with languages,but my goal is to speak 10 still 4 more to go :(.
I am not really into pretty boys- so if you have no chest hair, and a six pack, and you care about fashion more than I do- well no thanks….
And I like like people who want to achieve something being 25 and still living with mumy and daddy- well it just wont work! And to be honest i prefer geeks not really into clubbing….just once in 6 months i get really drunk… Also im a lazy bum… Never been at the gym in my life….and just dont like the type of people who go to gym….as usually those are the pretty boys…lol
My music taste varies….but I do have a soft spot for rock and soft metal….
I do have a guinea pig! Called Chuck Norris- who is the man in my life! :)ohhh and if you contact me with English like this : gorjus and luv , wot u up 2 you definitely wont get a reply.

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sxyblonde, 42 in CORBY, Northamptonshire

sxyblonde, 42 years old
I am a married woman that is happy with everything but my sex life. I heard about this site through a friend so I thought I would give it a try. I am very sexual and love to feel taken advantage of but my husband is more laid back and will not play like I want him to so I’m now looking elsewhere for my kicks. I’m no model so check out my pics and if you like what you see get in touch

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