shy_girl_nhr, 23 in Maryport, Cumberland

shy_girl_nhr, 23 years old
Im quiet to start with but then i come out my shell my friends says it good im not over powering. Im better comunicating though texting or email as I have never liked talking on the phone but i warn you now im dysleic so somethings might take a bit of working out. I love my animals and have my own horse and dog that i only see at weekend at the moment I have been riding since i was about 4 and that was 18yrs ago dont get the wrong idea im not rich never been well off just being an only child to my dad he done everything he could to make me happy although not spoilt (i didnt get just coz i wanted) I had to earn things or wait till my birthday/christmas lol.
I have been hurt by men and so am worried it will happen every time so if I let ypou in my life then you have said the right things.
Hope to get to you know you more (i dont like having my picture taken)

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