revengeissweet, 37 in Dorchester, Dorset

revengeissweet, 37 years old
i’m a red head, green eyes, average height, and i am very lonely. my hubby ignores me all the time and hasn’t fucked me in over two years. i’m pretty sure he’s having an affair, so i wanna get back at him (and have a little fun myself) by sleeping with as many guys as possible!

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girlgonebad, 25 in DORCHESTER, Dorset

girlgonebad, 25 years old
I love being bad here, I started by talking dirty then quickly graduated to more, its so nice. I want to be pleased for a change, so I hope you\’re not selfish. I\’m embarrassed sometimes about the things that go through my head. I have a tight little body and trust me I know how to use it. Better be witty in your reply, make it good hun. All types of men may appy, but only the best will survive :

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