hotredlips23, 49 in Farnborough, Hampshire

hotredlips23, 49 years old
Hi, After being nagged by my friends & family I am here, not sure about any of these sites to be honest, no harm in giving it a go, see what happens. A little about me single, bubbley , down to earth personality, see the good in everyone, caring, loving, wicked sence of humour, thats it I did say a little….need to get ready to out….. be back soon … the meantime contact to find out more …. chat soon xx

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sexyblonde66, 48 in Farnborough, Hampshire

sexyblonde66, 48 years old
Im interested in NSA fun and the type of guy i go for is: cute/good looking, short dark hair , dark eyes/green, stubble, olive skin if pos, 5ft8 to 6ft, medium build, toned or cuddly, but not over weight, and not skinny. Not keen on shaved heads and bald sorry. Do prefer a younger guy don\’t seem to click with guys my own age. I won\’t answer any message if there is not a face picture sorry but I\’m a sucker for a cute face..

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bisue_43, 43 in Farnborough, Hampshire

bisue_43, 43 years old
Me: bisexual, bouncy, big breasts, uninhibited, no holes barred. Love huge cocks, perky boobs and fun. I like my men fit but not ridiculously over muscled or covered in tattoos, and my girls slim with great boobs (who doesn\’t?).Please don\’t demand to meet, use text speak or be abusive.Show some respect, but be rude! You need to have a picture, but it doesn\’t need to be of your face.As I said, I love big cocks, but there are places for more modest ones as well.And please, no winks. If you wink it\’s a pretty fair bet that you\’ve not read this far.

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