class_ass_28, 28 in Haslemere, Surrey

class_ass_28, 28 years old
I\’m a sensual sophisticated young woman (not girl) with many facets. I\’m educated, intelligent and also very passionate and flirtatious.\nI\’m petite at 5\’5 and I look after myself, eat healthily and value health and fitness, I am very clean and well-groomed and I expect the same of you (showered, teeth brushed, clean clothing, smell good etc)!!! PLEASE NOTE THAT I\’M ONLY INTERESTED IN RESPECTABLE POLITE GENTLEMEN OVER THE AGE OF 30, WITH CLASS, SOPHISTICATION AND ETIQUETTE. If any of this does not apply to you, please do not message me as I will politely decline.All from a place of love and kindnessX

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