JasmineDi1, 49 in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

JasmineDi1, 49 years old
Looking for that someone special!
Hi, Im Di. I would describe myself as down to earth, warm, funny and caring. I love to live life to the full and have lots of friends but still have room in my life for someone special. My passions include cooking (I havent poisoned anyone- YET!!) and hence I chose Delicious as my username !!!, dancing, good food, fine wine and conversation, laughing so much you cry, spontaneity, talking until the early hours of the morning and watching the sunrise, thunderstorms, cuddling up to a roaring open fire and living life to the full. Friendships are very important to me and Im looking for my best friend in my next partner. My words here are genuine and true, I have been asked many times on thunderstorms – the most romantic setting I know if that answers you ! Also I am truthful and honest to myself and so expect that in a partner – if you are married please leave me alone! Please DO not contact me without a photograph ! I hate that you think that you even think I will talk to you without a photo! I am going to be brave here and say that if I like what I see I will talk…………if you have enough intelligence then you will understand why I am saying that ! Another observation on here is that we seem to be turning into a nation of winkers :O)))) The man that I will be interested in is one that can talk to me, be my best friend…..with a sense of humour !

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mysteryuk44, 44 in HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, Hertfordshire

mysteryuk44, 44 years old
I apologise for not putting face on here but really need to make sure no one knows about this! I am a married woman, 44 yrs old, brunette, size 12. Honestly never done this before and a bit nervous! Really would like to exchange some messages, dirty chat and maybe some pictures before committing to a meeting. Patience is a virtue they say

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